Gun Control Argument Destroyed In One Neat Little Clip

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As the Left would be more than eager to explain, gun control is too lax in this country and the worst offenses happen at gun shows where citizens are allowed to simply walk in with cash and walk out with a gun. Now despite their ignorant rendering of the situation, MRCTV’s Dan Joseph took a trip out to a local gun show and literally destroyed any and all gun grabber argument.

The left is always the first to tell you that gun vendors do not take the proper precautions, nor are they legally obligated to, when carelessly handing out guns – but is this necessarily true? During the interview, Joseph goes from vendor to vendor and viewers quickly come to the realization that those selling guns actually do care who they sell to.

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Furthermore it comes into focus rather quickly that there are gun laws that vendors have to follow that the Left seems to ignore for arguments sake. Proving even further that the Left’s argument against gun sellers, many vendors relay that they even surpass what is legally expected of them in order to ensure as much caution as humanly possible.

The talking point that Liberals love to use saying that gun control will ultimately take the guns out of the hands of dangerous people and criminals, is completely ludicrous. We all know that those who are already acting illegally aren’t going to give up their guns because of a silly new law.


In fact, guns legislation only takes guns away from those of us who willingly follow and obey the law. As one vendor states, the only people in D.C. that own guns are criminals. So where does that leave us?

If you really want to get the hands out of those wishing to do others harm – gun control is not the solution. You have to find those with the guns illegally, and punish them accordingly, and you have to address and effectively correct the mental health state of our nation.

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Until that point, the Left is just going to continue sharing their ignorant – and often times, false – facts in order to brainwash the public into thinking what they want you to think.

What do you guys think of this – did this video render gun control argument invalid? Let us know in a comment below.

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