UFO Caught On Tape Obliterating Taliban Stronghold

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As international troops are aiming to have vacated the country of Afghanistan by the end of this year, it seems the army has its work cut out. However, a recent video shows that those combating terrorism in their own back yard may be getting a little help – from outer space.

The video was reportedly recorded back in March of this year where a Taliban base was targeted and completely destroyed. What destroyed that base however is still up in the air as the aircraft that carried out its destruction resembles no known man made aircrafts.


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The clip was shot by an American soldier apparently awaiting the obliteration about to come as he had his camera on and ready for action. The mysterious vessel is seen entering the frame and hovering before letting off a burst seen underneath the aircraft.

Whatever was being shot however seemed to have a devastating effect as one can surely imagine the enemy’s demise from such a result. As the soldiers cheer on the adrenaline pumping boom of the explosion, the cameraman zooms into the aircraft showing a few more of its blurry features.


Resembling something triangular in shape the aircraft doesn’t depict any military aircraft known.

There are however doubts as to the authenticity of this video as the author of this article strongly believes the craft to have been edited into the clip via special effects. The destruction however seems realistic as it resembles that of an A-10 Warthog gun run (a much more likely explanation for this type of destruction).

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However, as we reported a few weeks ago, the craft does look eerily familiar to an assumed experimental aircraft seen flying over Texas and Kentucky. Oddly enough that craft was also triangular in shape as well.

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