Muslim Goes On Rape Spree, Charged With 15 Counts

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In a truly disturbing story, a Muslim Imam, father and uncle has recently been charged with 15 counts of molestation and rape. The man, Mohammad Masroor, is currently on trial for the criminal sexual conduct he was complicit in involving his own children and nieces.

Masroor has since spent his time, not trying to persuade the courts of his innocence, but trying to humiliate his victims even further. The pedophile’s defense lawyer is gung-ho on getting the girls to remove their niqab (the garments that cover everything but the eyes) as he claims it’s the defendant’s constitutional right to confront his accusers face to face.

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This however isn’t going to happen as the judge explained he was not going to violate the victims freedom of religion when the man is already getting to look his accusers in the eye. Disgustingly enough, Masroor was recently acquitted of similar charges in Toronto on March 27.

He is not back in court after it was discovered that he had been abusing his own family member’s since 2011. Leading the way is the eldest of his nieces who was just 13 at the time and describes that her uncle, Masroor, was her tutor while her parents went away.


The abuse began as molestation, in which the girl urged her parents to allow her to go to public school. After a discussion between Masroor and her parents however, the sexual predator was able to convince the parents to allow him to tutor their other two children as well.

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Soon enough, all three were in the house, and the molestation quickly turned to rape. Although the oldest niece explains that she felt, “uncomfortable and painful,” she was kept quiet through threats by Masroor.

Apparently her Uncle informed her that her parents would not believe her and would kill her if they discovered she was no longer a virgin. Believing the man, he was also said to have threatened to hurt her younger siblings if she told anyone.

Soon enough the family moved to Florida leaving the pedophile behind, but he was soon to turn his disgusting habits on his own children. He was then turned in by his own wife for the molestation and rape of his own kids.

The oldest niece then learned that the abuse had happened to her other sisters as well and came forward with the news.

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Masroor’s defense has since claimed that the family acted in a “coordinated attack,” as the accusations came just days apart.

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