10 Taliban Dead After Driving Over Their Own Roadside Bomb

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In yet another argument for those of us who believe in karma, 10 Taliban were recently killed after driving over a road side bomb they had buried just earlier that day. The members were just a few of the 30 killed over the weekend by Afghanistan soldiers.

The Afghan Interior Ministry released in a statement, “Afghan National Security Forces carried out operations and battled the militants in nine provinces, killing 20 Taliban insurgent members over the past 24 hours.”

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The statement also noted that two Taliban members were wounded and three others were detained by the ANSF. The best part of this story comes as 10 terrorists hopped into a nearby truck trying to evade Afghan soldiers and accidentally drove over their own road side bomb.

As you can see in the video above, road side bombs have the capability to pack quite the punch (not a video of the aforementioned explosion).

The bomb was planted just the day prior and was subsequently detonated killing all Taliban members trying to flee the scene.

Well that made their job easy, huh?

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The Taliban have since responded to the deaths of their comrades through series of bombings and attacks including a district prison director who was found dead after being shot in retaliation.

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