Black Girl Gets The Pee Knocked Out Of Her, Literally

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Many people have said that black women tend to have a propensity for violence, and after seeing this video it’s no wonder why.

It takes place in what looks like a parking lot, however where exactly is unknown. The group is standing around when the woman in the yellow mentions something about a fight and then it’s on.

She takes a jab at the girl standing there with a grey tank top and denim shorts, who then retreats to avoid the confrontation. However the girl in the yellow wasn’t about to have that and appeared determined to make her point.

Black Girl Fight

Yellow then chases down gray and grabs her by the hair, which is actually a wig come to find out. In one fluid motion yellow swings gray around and slams her to the ground. Meanwhile everyone in the group is yelling “get back” and “get out of the way,” presumably to allow the two women ample room to brawl.

Once yellow has gray on the ground, she jumps atop of her and begins to pummel her face while gray tries to cover up. Then yellow lets off of gray a little bit, and a puddle appears underneath her that seemed to have come from in between her legs.

The group began laughing hysterically about it while gray runs off in tears, screaming “No I didn’t!”

Yellow chases her down and goes for round two, however gray was able to escape her wrath.

It’s videos like this that portray completely irresponsible behavior and make everyone involved look bad. There’s no fun in fighting, and the complete disregard for another human being is absolutely abhorrent.

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