Michael Jordan Reveals His Own Racism

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In a truly bizarre twist in admission, the famed basketball player Michael Jordan has come forward with a shocking admission where he explains that he considers his younger self, a racist. Surprising for the times we live, Jordan delivers a refreshing take on bigotry and the moral compass of mankind.

As reported by the New York Times, “Basketball legend Michael Jordan says that he considered himself a racist when he was a teenager and was ‘against all white people.’” The intriguing admission comes in a book by Ronald Lazenby, titled, “Michael Jordan: The Life.”

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Jordan goes on to detail that his home in North Carolina was heavily dominated with a KKK presence that often purchased school uniforms for sports teams. The constant hatred, as one would expect, had a heavy effect on the youthful and undeveloped mind of Jordan as a youth causing him to become quite biased to his own race as well.

According to the Young Cons, “It’s understandable that Jordan would harbor animus against people who were truly bigoted and displayed their hatred towards black people. But the issue is whether a person lets the anger and animosity consume him, thereby leading to further prejudice and wrong-doing against others, or is able to overcome it.”

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As Jordan describes, during a brief moment in his life, he did allow for that hatred to overcome him and consume him. According to the Times:

“Jordan took up baseball before basketball and was one of only two black children on the team. He says he was often told he was inferior.

Jordan says it was after watching the miniseries “Roots,” about the suffering of his African-American ancestors, that he began to understand more about race relations.

In 1977, he remembers a girl at school calling him a n—-r.

“So I threw a soda at her,” he says. “I was really rebelling. I considered myself a racist at the time. Basically, I was against all white people.”

Jordan shared later that he was suspended for his actions and that ultimately, it was his mother that discouraged him from becoming cold to people because of the actions of a select few. Racial hatred is a hot topic at the moment, and especially with race baiters constantly fanning the flames under the country’s first black president, the noise gets a bit intense at times.

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However, Jordan’s recent admission proves that mankind is constantly growing as a species and that most people – despite some trying to have you think otherwise – racism is able to be overcome. Now yes, there will always be racists and bigots, but labeling one group a certain way because of a few’s actions, is just as racist as the acts you seek to prevent.

Only through understanding and mature thought can we as a nation destroy those who wish to keep us prisoner of racist ideals for personal gain (*ahem* – Sharpton). Let us know what you think of Michael Jordan’s brave confession in the comments below.

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