Lesbian Threatens Bus Full Of SECOND GRADERS

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A lesbian woman from Clarksville, Tennessee boarded a bus full of second-grade students and threatened them with a profanity-ridden tirade after one of the students allegedly hit her lesbian lover’s daughter.

22-year-old Kela Leshia Hand was captured on the bus’s surveillance camera attempting to pull a seven-year-old boy off of the bus on April 25 as the bus driver stood by and didn’t do a thing about it.

The crazy woman can be heard threatening to beat the child because he allegedly hit her girlfriend’s young daughter in the head while they were at the bus stop. Then when he said he didn’t do it, she moves on to the next child, gets in their face, then turns on the entire busload of young children and threatened them all.

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“I don’t care who it was. If this happens again, I will f*** all you little motherf*****s up,” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

One of the boys on the bus told her that he was going to tell his mother about Hand’s threats, which apparently was the wrong thing to do because she became even more irate.

“Go get your f****ing mamma. Go get her. I will f*** her up too!”

Eventually, Hand’s girlfriend comes on the bus and escorts her off of it.

The little boy’s mother who Hand first went after was furious at the fact that Hand was even allowed on the bus to begin with.

“She pulled him by his arm out of the seat and said you are going to get off this bus. She grabbed his arm and proceeded to the front of the bus with him. There was another student by the stairs who told her he didn’t do it,” the unidentified woman said.

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The bus driver, Connie Pritzl, initially radioed in to her dispatch and told them that an adult was on the bus but once Hand started her tirade she put the radio down and watched. Pritzl had been reprimanded two months prior for breaking the Clarksville-Montgomery County Schools regulation that forbids adults on the bus with students.

Her protest of Hand boarding the bus was weak at best, saying “The parents ain’t supposed to be on the bus.” She also didn’t do anything when four other parents attempted to board the bus to check on their children.

Pritzl ended up being suspended without pay and was transferred to the school district’s food services department rather than being fired.

Hand ended up being charged with two counts of assault and one count of disorderly conduct. She was also banned from St. Bethlehem Elementary School and if she returns she’ll be charged with criminal trespassing.

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