Hospital Gives Man Vasectomy On Accident

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A man’s world was recently turned upside down after waking up from a procedure and being told his vasectomy went according to plan. The only problem was, that wasn’t the plan as he was there for a minor urological operation.

The operation happened back in February to a man whose identity and age are being withheld as to protect doctor patient confidentiality. Occurring in the Royal Liverpool Hospital, in Liverpool England, the hospital has since deemed the case as, “catastrophic.”

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The man immediately underwent surgery to reverse the procedure but has a couple months to wait in order to learn if he will be fertile once again. According to the Daily Mail, “In one case in two, a man who has a vasectomy reversed is unable to impregnate his partner naturally and the success rate for fertility treatment is even lower, at about one in four.”

Despite the hospital not releasing the man’s age, it can only be assumed by the fact that he went through with the reversal that, at some point, he hopes to have children (or perhaps more).

The National Health Service (NHS) has also intervened and is calling it a “never” event – meaning that if precautions are taken and procedures are followed precisely, an occurrence such as this would never happen. Unfortunately it has, and Clinical negligence lawyers have confirmed that the man is entitled to compensation in excess of $100,000 for his troubles.


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One such lawyer, Ian Cohen, has informed the media that, “This is a truly shocking and worrying case.” He went on to share, “From what we know, there has been a catastrophic breakdown in procedure, as simple checks designed to ensure the correct operation is carried out on the right patient seem to have failed.”

Dr Peter Williams, the hospital trust’s medical director, recently admitted to the hospitals flub but has assured that, “We have apologized.” He further noted, “We greatly regret the distress this has caused him. We are investigating this fully to understand why it occurred and how we can ensure it does not happen again.”

Aidan Kehoe, the Trust chief executive, explained that proper procedures weren’t followed thus resulting in the accident. The surgeon has since been banned from the operating room as the hospital completes its investigation.

Furthermore adding to the unsettling nature of this accident regarding its less than heard of popularity, the Daily Mail notes, “Last year, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt revealed there had been 326 ‘never’ events in 2011/12.

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Among them 161 patients with foreign objects such as swabs left in their bodies, 70 suffering wrong-site surgery – where the wrong part of the body is operated upon – and 41 given incorrect implants.”

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