Widow Gang Raped As Punishment, Now Being Publicly Caned Under Sharia Law

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A widowed woman from Indonesia was gang raped by a group of eight “vigilantes” as punishment for having an affair with a married man. Now, under Sharia law,  she’s going to be publicly caned for that same affair, nice right?

She was caught with the married man when the group of rapists broke into her home in the northern Indonesian province of Banda Aceh, then accused her of having “improper sexual relations” with the man.

The 40-year-old man was then tied up and beaten by the savages while they repeatedly raped the 25-year-old woman. Once the brutal attack was finished, the men doused the couple with buckets of raw sewage and dragged the woman to the police station to report her for breaking strict Sharia law against extra-marital affairs.

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It was only after she was brought to the police station that it was learned she had been raped and three of her attackers were immediately arrested while the others fled. However even though she was raped police still decided to punish her with a caning for breaking their religious laws.

The head of the Sharia office, Ibrahim Latif, said that her rape wouldn’t be taken into consideration when punishing her and that both her and her companion would be publicly caned for violating the religious law on sexual relations. He also said that both of them admitted to having sex on several prior occasions.

The rapists, one of which was only 13 years old, will be getting off much easier however, as they’ll be dealt with in criminal courts rather than under Sharia law. Had they been punished under the religious laws, they would have received the same nine strokes with a can in public as the woman and her partner.

The five other savage men who committed the gang rape have not been caught yet, however authorities said that they’re still trying to find them.

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