Twitter Lashes Out At Michelle: “You’re Not My Mom”


May 7, 2014 7:58am PST

The Obama’s have literally been crammed down the throats of Americans since day one, and it appears that some have finally just about had enough. In a truly bizarre request, the Twitter account run by the Democratic Party has officially asked everyone to sign a Mother’s Day card for Michelle Obama, and the response has been an astounding, “no.”

As Mothers day is just later this month, that special day to thank that one who loved and nurtured you all those years is just about upon us. Recognizing this fact that often goes overlooked, the Democrat party has taken to a strange new request; thanking Michelle for being that nurturing figure on mother’s day.

The Tweet read, “Make sure that signing the First Lady’s card is on your Mother’s Day to-do list,” trying to come in full effect with a touching photo of the Obama’s as well. The Left has used this tactics to up traffic on their Twitter account in the past with a bit of success through birthdays, anniversaries and specials occasions.


This time however, Americans have had just about enough of the try-hard Democrats and have taken to calling them out on their lunacy as well. Hit with an answer loud enough for the world to hear, their message was clear; “She’s not my mom.”

Take a look at just some of the responses below.

mom2 mom3

Nice try Dems – A for effort, F for results (and we all know which one matters more).

So what do you guys think – did the Democratic Party go just a touch too far this time? Let us know how you would sign the card in a comment below.


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