L.A. Movie Posters Humiliate Obama Prior to Visit


May 7, 2014 7:43am PST

Obama’s planned visit to Los Angeles is going to include a bit of an embarrassment in the form of parody movie posters that have been placed around the city titled “Saving Barack Obama.”

The posters are a spoof of the movie “Saving Private Ryan,” which is a classic as far as this journalist is concerned, and features the President standing on a horizon in between a pair of his teleprompters with the sun setting in the background. They have appeared in front of Paramount Pictures as well as at bus stops and on benches around the city.

The posters say on them “A Steven Spielberg Ploy,” and their taglines read “The mission is a fraud,” just like the man who appears in them.

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The artwork is a part of a campaign by street artists around the nation filling their cities with political messages in opposition to Obama and the administration. Some of those images have followed the PGA tour and mock Obama’s golfing habit with the headline “subpar” and a picture of the President on the golf course.

The President is due to arrive in L.A. today to receive a humanitarian award from Spielberg himself at the University of Southern California’s Shoah Foundation, making the timing of the appearance of the posters all too convenient, and funny. The Shoah Foundation is a museum dedicated to the Holocaust that Spielberg founded after he made Schindler’s List.

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The award Obama will be presented with is the highest honor that the institute gives out and is called the Ambassador for Humanity Award. Spielberg wants to honor his “global efforts to protect human rights, his commitment to education and expanding educational technology, and his work advancing opportunities for all people.”

“President Obama’s commitment to democracy and human rights has long been felt,” Spielberg said.

Smells an awful lot like the Nobel Peace Price he won, wouldn’t you say?

Never missing a chance at a fundraiser, Obama will also be attending an event at the home of the chairman of Walt Disney Studios, Alan Horn. Tickets for the Democratic fundraiser are priced at $32,000 per person, or $64,000 per couple.

It’s pretty bad when street artists, who were overwhelmingly supportive of Obama in 2008 and 2012, have started to turn on him and are now trying to make him look like a fool rather than a deity as they once did.

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