Al Sharpton Forgets Lines, Makes Fool Of Himself On National TV

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Many of you already know exactly the kind of man Al Sharpton is – a bumbling fool who will do anything to stuff his own pockets. What you may not know is the long-time war he’s been entangled in with his teleprompter.

According to the words of Weasel Zippers, “Only MSNBC would give a man this dumb his own show.”

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Sharpton doesn’t mind keeping members of his own race imprisoned through dependency and lack of accountability. He doesn’t mind using racism to wad his wallet just a bit more. And he doesn’t mind stoking the fire of race relations even though he knows the best thing you can do to combat racism, is stop talking about it.

Being able to stop talking however doesn’t seem to be one of his strong suits, but reading seems to be even further down that list. Recently compiled was a series of clips showing just how hard even reading is for the babbling fool.

Even when presented with the words before him, Sharpton struggles to successfully form even the simplest of words. But hey, when ratings are down, and a network can find a way to bring a different audience to the television set, then what’s the harm?

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You just have to love that hairball Sharpton recently choked up on national television that they decided to stick in there at the end too. What a goof – how can anyone take this man seriously?

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