Trey Gowdy DESTROYS Pelosi’s Refusal In Benghazi Investigation

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If ever there were a man who said what needed to be said, it would be Ted Gowdy. Recently coming forward to address Nancy Pelosi’s spiteful refusal to participate in the newly formed committee’s investigation regarding Benghazi, he did just that bringing forward an irrefutable reality.

Of course, we all know that Ms. Pelosi often likes to live outside the realm of reality, so it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to say she wouldn’t understand what Gowdy was saying, but the facts can’t be argued with regardless. Speaking with Fox News, Gowdy explained, “If this review is to be fair, it must be truly bipartisan.  The panel should be equally divided between Democrats and Republicans as is done on the House Ethics Committee. It should require that witnesses are called and interviewed, subpoenas are issued, and information is shared on a bipartisan basis. Only then could it be fair.”

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He further went on to comment on Pelosi’s thoughtless comments expressing, “Well, I certainly hope the Democrats participate. I, Martha, continue to think that some things transcend politics like the murder of four of our fellow citizens and whether or not you trust government. That is not a red or blue issue. That is an American issue. As for whether or not they boycott, I hope they don’t.”

Gowdy even went on to say that the lives of four American’s and holding those responsible accountable wasn’t a red or blue issue, but an American issue. He further noted, “I can tell you this. It is not going to be evenly constituted and when she was Speaker Pelosi, she certainly showed no interests in having an equal number of Republicans and Democrats.”


Of course, now that Democrats are in the minority, things suddenly become unfair. When they’re the majority, well just look what happened under the lead of Harry Reid with his nuclear option – they make sure that they can obliterate anyone with the sole use of their party.

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This notion is exactly what Pelosi is known for as well. As noted by the IJ Review, “She used her position to rally Democrats: ramming the Obamacare Bill through Congress, cutting off floor debates, as well as any opportunity to substantively amend the legislation.”

Gowdy however explained that as Republicans are in the majority, it would only be logical that there are more Republicans on the committee. He also shared that the same goes for the Senate, as there are more Democrats, more from the left side of the isle occupy a larger population in Senate committees.


This isn’t anything new, nor is it illogical – only for Pelosi. Its hard seeing how the Left will act as Republicans will surely maintain a larger majority within the committee, but does this automatically render their efforts invalid?

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Apparently to Pelosi, and a few other whining Democrats, it does.

What do you think – did Gowdy put forward a reasonable and logical argument? Would Pelosi be crying “unfairness” if Democrats held the majority of the committee? Let us know in a comment below.

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