Police Turn Dog Loose On Handcuffed Man’s Neck

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A video has emerged that lets us all know just how bad it can be when a cop acts irresponsibly.

The short clip shows a man on the ground in handcuffs being detained by an officer. As he’s lying there, the dog is ferociously barking at him and ready to pounce.

The man continues to lie there, when out of nowhere the dog handler seems to let the dog out of his grip, allowing the dog to latch on to the man’s neck.

The dog rips and tugs at the helpless man’s neck as he lays there in handcuffs, unable to defend himself. Both officers appear to be helping the man, however it’s not helping any as the dog continue to rip away at the man’s neck.

Bystanders who are recording the incident look on in horror as the man appears to have his neck shredded by the dog.

The clip ends with the dog still attached to his neck.

There’s no further information about the video, only that it happened in Weston-Super-Mare and appears to show an extreme case of police brutality.

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