Terrorists Fall For Decoy, Expose Position

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A shocking new video has recently come to light as the crisis in Syria continues to rage on. Recently described as an Free Syrian Army (FSA) outfit killing a Syrian Armed Forces (SAF) sniper perched tucked away in a little hole – but it seems that there may be more than meets the eye.

As we watch a whole with a distorted masked figure sit ready to fire, suddenly a purple light starts flashing. That light is actually a decoy used by SAF to draw out and expose enemy positions as their inexperience causes them to fire at anything that moves.

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Sure enough, as the light starts flashing, the FSA members get all riled up and begin praising Allah. Then the firing starts. After rattling of a handful of rounds – all the while the “sniper” remains intriguingly still for being fired upon – they finally hit the target at about the fifth shot.

However, what they didn’t realize is what they were actually doing was letting the Syrian military know exactly where they were. Although the camera shut off with the men all alive, its highly unlikely that they actually made it out of that building at all.

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