White Kid On Basketball Court Victim Of ‘Knockout’ Game

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Here we have another instance of black on white violence without just cause.

The people in the video, presumably teen judging by how old they look, seemed to be playing a game of basketball and when the video starts it had just come to an end. The black kid in the orange shirt walks around and is shaking everyone’s hands like a good sport.

He approaches the cameraman and gives him the shake, then moves down the line and finishes with the kid in a black shirt, who isn’t immediately seen.

Out of nowhere the black kid turns around and gives the white kid a haymaker from hell, then proceeds to jump on top of him and beat him senselessly. The fight rages on and nobody intervenes, meanwhile the white kid is getting pummeled for no apparent reason.

The video ends with the white kid crawling away, obviously defeated and done getting beat on while the black kid is off camera somewhere presumably acting victorious after sucker-punching the kid out of nowhere.

What would you have done if you were the white kid? Would you have stood there and taken it or at least tried to fight back? Let us know with a comment!

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