Girl Blasts Girl In The Head With Shovel

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If ever there was an organized fight, this one may perhaps be it – until the garden tools were brought out that is. A seemingly civilized fight turned to utter chaos after one girl whipped out a shovel and clanked it into her aggressor’s head.

The video starts out simple as two girls arrange a fight in a calm and collected manner. Soon they are seen squaring off, raising their fists and going to town. The two eventually clasp onto one another’s hair and pull each other to the ground before screaming at each other.

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They calmly agree to release each other’s hair, stand back off and square off again. One of the girls delivers several blows to her opponents face, but she seems unhindered to win the fight. Soon enough, the one who clearly had the upper hand asks if her opponent wants her to leave.

They continue in a verbal fight where one girl says she’s going to get her BB gun and turns around to retrieve it. Scared that she is going to get shot, the dominant girls chases after her onto the porch demanding she not retrieve the gun.


This is when things get interesting.

As they continue to fight, with one of the girls demanding the other leave the property, she grabs a shovel. Seeing exactly what is coming, the girl who was winning the fight turns and starts to run, but is no match for the arm of her opponent.

The girl releases the shovel, and as the other is unable to outrun the flying object she is hit in the head with a resounding, “CLANK,” sending her to the ground. Now crying, the girl and her gang of supporters retreat to the nearby woods where she is carried back home.

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For an even bigger laugh, take a peek here at a WWE parody of the video also available on YouTube:

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