Transsexual Catfight, ‘Nuff Said

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How often do you get to see two queens go at it? Never, and that’s why this video is hilarious.

It shows a group of cross-dressing homosexuals at a home somewhere, preparing for a transsexual catfight.

“No weapons,” one of them is heard saying prior to the group leaving the home and entering the alleyway to start the brawl.

“No weapons,” can be heard again a few times prior to the skirmish.

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The shirtless queen then says “I tried to avoid your f*ggot ass” while standing on the stairs leading into the home and others encourage the two to go at it.

Immediately after the camera pans out and you can see the rainbow warrior standing in the yard, bright red underwear and all, waiting for “her” noble opponent to come and throw fisticuffs over whatever problem they had with each other. Meanwhile one of the other queens screams “WAIT! Let me get my phone!”

Then it’s on!

One of the “ladies” named Red is encouraged by whoever is holding the camera while the two queens duke it out in the grass.

“Get ‘er Red!”

Then it goes into homosexual ground and pound, and well nobody even needs that mental image.

Right around this point the people looking on start trying to break it up, then the shirtless “Red,” it can be presumed, walks into the home as the victorious champion of the queer mixed martial arts, er, backyard braw, er, sissy catfight in the side yard.

Go ahead and give it a watch and let us know what you think with a comment!

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