RAGING Liberal Attacks Religious Protesters At College Campus

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A video has been posted to YouTube that shows a student attacking a group of protesters at Arizona State University.

The clip was posted earlier today and shows the student initially going after one of the protesters who immediately grabs him and throws him to the ground.

Apparently the student didn’t like that, and what unfolds next doesn’t even seem real.

The student gets to their feet then goes after the protestor again, shrieking like a Pterodactyl with his arms swinging wildly while yelling obscenities. After repeated attempts to attack the protesters, the student finally keeps his distance and just shouts at the people standing there, letting them know that their sign is offensive.

There’s no words that can truly describe what unfolded here, seriously.

Looks like we have yet another example of the “tolerant” left in our nation showing us just how well  they can stand beliefs and opinions that differ from their own.

How would you have handled this? Let us know with a comment!

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