Young Thug Punts Innocent Cat Into Bushes Just To Laugh About It

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Last Friday an extremely troubling video was posted to Facebook that shows a young thug savagely kicking an innocent cat nearly 20 feet through the air, but have no worries because he was arrested Monday morning for it.

Police have identified the man as Andre Robinson, 21, who was seen in the video luring over the trusting gray feline to offer it some attention then when the cat is close enough he winds up and actually punts it, like a place kicker in the NFL, over a fence and into the bushes on the other side near a Brooklyn housing complex.

Then after the cat lands, and presumably lies injured from the impact, the thug celebrates his abhorrent actions with a cackle and a celebratory dance.

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The callous thug has eight prior convictions, one of which was armed robbery with a knife, according to the New York Daily News. Robinson was picked up around 2 p.m. on Monday afternoon. More than likely the little punk wasn’t laughing then.

Now Robinson can add aggravated animal cruelty to his long line of arrests because outraged animal lovers saw the video and tracked him down.

NYPD said that those who saw it were extremely disturbed by it. They also said that in order to track him down they had to first figure out where the incident happened. Fortunately for them one vigilant Facebook user was able to use video enhancing software to enlarge the scene to see details that led police to figuring out that it was at the Brevoort Houses in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood in Brooklyn.

According to residents in the neighborhood, the cat was seen regularly in the area and they had grown to like it. However since it was attacked, the poor cat hasn’t been seen and attempts to find it haven’t been successful.

A local veterinarian told police that the cat more than likely suffered severe injuries from being kicked like that and it’s questionable whether or not it survived.

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