What Babies Would Say To Obama If They Could Talk

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Babies have got to be one of the all-time best – and perhaps overused – image boosters used by politicians. I mean, they’re cute, they show that you have a nurturing side, so even when it goes wrong (i.e. they start bawling) you just cant go wrong.

But what if those babies could actually talk? The staff here at Mr. Conservative have an idea as to what they might actually say if they could.


I swear mom, if he just lets me go like he did to the folks over in Benghazi, we’re going to have problems.


I’m going to have to pay back how much when I’m older?


If I could just get in there and rip it out, maybe he couldn’t lie anymore.


Was that you? I can smell the BS from all the way over here!


NOOOOOO. . .I don’t want Obamacare!


Looks like somebody didn’t get their Obamaphone.

Obama 2012

You see that? That’s our national debt!

Barack Obama Holds Earth Day Rally In Iowa

Just close it – you’ll be better off.


Given this guy’s success rate, I’m not sure I feel entirely comfortable up here.

Barack Obama, Cole Nelson, Deborah NelsonShould have had a V-8, or taken an economics course, whatever.

Out of the mouths of babes, right? Let us know what you think in a comment below.

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