Restaurant Employees Hide In Freezer After Open-Carry Advocates Come In

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It appears as though the demonization of guns by public politicians and the media is having quite the effect. Recently scaring a bunch of restaurant employees to the extent that they went and hid in the freezer, a group of open-carry advocates simply came into a local Jack in the Box to order a few burgers.

The members of the group, Open Carry Texas, were on their way to a peaceful demonstration when they decided to grab a bite to eat. Soon however at least 10 police cruisers came rolling up to the Jack in the Box in Fort Worth.


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Demonstrator Edwin Haros noted, “I believe we counted more than 15 officers showed up on scene.”

The group has since gone public to voice their outrage at the way the police handled the situation in which they initially criminalized the men for simply carrying weapons – a highly legal activity. Officers however feel a bit differently as they convey that anyone else would have done the same.


Sgt. Ray Bush, with the Fort Worth Police Department, explained, “(The staff) locked themselves inside a freezer for protection out of fear the rifle-carrying men would rob them.”

He further added, “The demonstration had no signage that would have alerted anyone to their real purpose, and to our knowledge they did not attempt to contact anyone in the Fort Worth Police Department to advise us prior to the demonstration.”

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Open Carry Texas was simply voicing concerns over the oppression of gun rights across the country as they hoped to push, “the right to carry handguns in public.” Proving the exact reason they were there, Haros relayed that they were, “not trying to alarm anybody,” and that, “We’re doing this because it’s our constitutional right.”

It seems Attorney General Eric Holder’s attempts to “brainwash” the public into thinking guns are automatically bad is unfortunately working. Let us know what you think of this incident in the comments below.


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