Leftist Obama Supporter Violently Attacks Police Officer

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One of the protesters from the famed “Occupy” movement was convicted of assaulting a police officer in New York and now faces up to seven years in prison. The protester, Cecily McMillan, assaulted the officer back in 2012 when supporters of the movement convened in Zuccotti Park to celebrate the 6-month anniversary of when the movement started.

McMillan was found guilty of intentionally assaulting Bovell in order to “prevent him from performing his lawful duty, and the judge has ordered McMillan remanded to custody while she waits to be sentenced on May 19.

Reports from the courtroom say that when the guilty verdict was reached by the jury there were shouts of “shame” from her supporters, who were upset at the verdict. However video captured of the incident appears to show McMillan pretty clearly striking an officer, unprovoked. After roughly a half dozen of her supporters refused to leave the courtroom, police were forced to carry two out against their will.

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The ornery protester was convicted of striking Officer Grantley Bovell in the face with her elbow on March 17, 2012, which was the 6-month anniversary of the start of the widespread and destructive Occupy protests. She was one of many who tangled with police prior to the protests ending in mid-November when authorities moved in to clear out the squatters in Zuccotti Park, however in March of 2012 protesters gathered in the park again with the intent of re-occupying it for an extended period.

McMillan claims to have been meeting up with friends at the park to go out and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, saying that she wasn’t there to protest. When the police moved in to clear out the park she was one of many who resisted their request, but she initially complied with Officer Bovell asking her to leave. He was following her out to assure she left when McMillan appears to have crouched down just before lunching backwards and smacking Officer Bovell in the face with her elbow.

According to McMillan’s attorney, she had been groped and didn’t realize the officer was behind her so she reacted. However prosecutors claim that the officer had his hand on her shoulder and she turned to a friend and asked if they were filming, then assaulted the officer.

After being arrested, McMillan claimed that she had some sort of seizure on the sidewalk, which then made international news. She claimed to have been a victim of police brutality and appeared on the program Democracy Now to show off the bruises she said the police caused to the world.

During her trial, the prosecution pointed to the fact that McMillan had been examined by doctors at two different hospitals the night the incident occurred and neither hospital made mention of any bruises. Because of this, the prosecution submitted that she more than likely caused the bruising herself.

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