Jay Carney Says Obama Won’t Cooperate With Benghazi Investigation

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In a recent press conference with the White House press corps, Jay Carney refused to answer whether or not the Obama administration would cooperate with the up and coming investigation on Benghazi by the Select Committee that will be headed by Trey Gowdy.

When asked “yes or no” by one of the reporters the first thing Carney does is divert attention away from the importance of the matter and says “I haven’t seen an investigation.” Oddly enough, there has been a concerted effort to find out what happened since the administration first lied about their talking points.

Anyways, the exchange continues with Carney calling what’s happened the “usual partisan assertions,” further trying to downplay the scandal.

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Then he tells a whopper and adds in something to validate his obfuscation, saying “We have a long history of cooperating” with what he calls “legitimate oversight” from Congress and saying that “cooperation” will continue.

He was sure to clarify, albeit it’s the only thing he clarified, that he wouldn’t speculate as to what Republicans “are up to” as if they’re not investigating the unwarranted deaths of four Americans under Hillary and Obama’s watch, trying to play it off as a “highly partisan exercise.”

About the only thing he didn’t say is that the people looking into it are racist, but I’m sure that’s to come.

Watch the clip and see what you think, is Carney telling more lies and letting us know that any investigation is going to be stonewalled? Let us know with a comment!

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