Democrats Calling For The Removal Of Bundy’s “Armed Separatists”

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Although many people may not necessarily agree with everything Bundy, one thing can be said for sure – the standoff at the ranch was an indication of what illegal lengths the government is willing to go to get their way. Showing that even more is a Nevada Democrat who has called for the government to forcefully remove Bundy’s armed separatist militia.

Rep. Steven Horsford recently addressed the Clark County Democratic Convention to tell the public that he is calling upon government and law enforcement personnel to make Bundy’s supporters leave. Saying that the whole debacle has created enough controversy, and that constituents have expressed their fair share of concerns, Horsford has had enough.

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The militia are currently camped out there just in case the need arise for them or their surely countless firearms. As many remain armed at all times and have even bigger guns just a few steps away, several less-educated citizens have spoken out saying they are in fear.

Seeing how not even one round has been fired in an aggressive or hostile manner, its hard to see how they’ve arrived at any such notion.

Horsford explained that he had been approached by a fifth grader who explained to him that Bundy was portraying a, “sense of entitlement,” and should just pay the grazing fees as everyone else is forced to (I wonder where she got that idea). Another man referred to Bundy as a “welfare rancher,” who was living off taxpayer subsidies.

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“And that is why I am calling on (Gov.) Brian Sandoval, Sen. Dean Heller, the (Clark County) sheriff (Doug Gillespie) and any other elected official in Nevada to do their part to get rid of these armed separatists,” Horsford explained to the audience.

After Sandoval expressed the fact that everyone has the right to feel secure in their persons, he was asked if Gillespie had plans on forcing militia members to vacate the area. The governor replied, “No, and even if he had said that, I wouldn’t share that with you, because certainly that’s a conversation between the two of us.”

He concluded by noting, “I just know that he is monitoring the situation and he’s very aware of what’s going on out there.”

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At this point however it doesn’t seem like officials are going to the races on the matter and few are even speaking out on the demands. It doesn’t appear that any of the militia man and women are breaking any laws as according to the Associated Press, “Openly carrying a pistol or rifle is legal in Nevada, and permit holders can carry concealed weapons.”

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