Obama’s America? Two Fat Ghetto Chicks Brawl In The Street

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As if any of us should be surprised, here’s yet another video of some ghetto women brawling in the streets.

It’s not very long, however once against he people recording it are sitting back and watching as the two women fight each other, none of them trying to intervene at all.


At one point one of the women takes her pants off to gain what would seem to be a tactical advantage over the other, then the video quickly cuts to the next scene of the two women on the ground, appearing to be clenching each other.

This is just another example of the types of people who are a part of Obama’s “new” America that have little regard for anybody but themselves.

Just recently a video just like this was posted to Facebook and the couple that was in it ended up being killed in their home, in front of their children, because the other people involved had a grudge against them. If this is what we have to look forward to in the future, then we may as well kiss our nation as we know it goodbye.

(Black Students Mercilessly Beat White Teen On Bus)

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