Family Of Killed Thief Demands Stricter Gun Control

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Two South Carolina boys entered a Waffle House, guns in hand, intent on robbing the place, but was stopped by a Conceal Carry Permit holder leaving one of the boys dead. Since that time, the family of that boy has come forward to demand that stricter gun control laws be put into effect.

The deceased boy, Dante Williams, barged into the restaurant and began pointing his weapon at customers and employees and demanding they get on the floor. As the thief and his accomplice were busy taking money from the compliant victims, Justin Harrison sat patiently waiting for his time to strike.

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As they were busy, Harrison stood up, removed his CCW and shot Williams, the other thief made a run for it but was later arrested by police. Williams’ family however has spoken out saying that although they know Williams was in the wrong, he didn’t not have to die.

In fact, they have taken to demanding that stricter gun control laws be put into effect so that life is just a bit easier for those wishing to do the innocent harm. Williams’ cousin, Tomika, has also come forward to express that it was very unlike her cousin Dante to do such a thing.

Saying he liked to dance, have a good time, and even that he didn’t have a criminal record, it’s hard to believe that armed robbery was Williams’ first stop on the criminal train.

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