People Protesting American Flag Being Banned Are Now Racists

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In our world of political correctness and not being allowed to offend anybody, the people crying the loudest for diversity and tolerance seem to say some rather offensive things.

As many of you know, a school district in California has banned students from wearing American flag t-shirts on Cinco de Mayo out of fear they might offend the Mexican students at the school and merely seeing it could spark some sort of violent uprising.

Four years ago the Live Oak High School sent home four students wearing such shirts and their decision was upheld by the crazy judges on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. However this year people from the community decided it was too much and showed up at the school to protest.

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According to reports there were dozens of angry, but patriotic Americans lining the street near the school to show their support of our First Amendment rights.

One of the protesters, Georgine Scott-Codiga who’s actually half Mexican, said that she believes the opponents of the flag are abusing the issue of race in order to suppress other’s First Amendment right to free speech.

Another protester said “Cinco de Mayo is a circumstance of the issue. The issue is free speech.”

The protest even drew a Romanian immigrant by the name of Mihai Bulea, who proudly stood with his fellow Americans to display his love for the nation that took him in while letting everyone know his discontent with the decision of the school.

Some of the Mexican student claim that showing American pride somehow limits them from embracing their heritage, however the people in the community just aren’t buying it.

“There should never be a day in America when a citizen is told he cannot wear a shirt with the American flag,” Bulea said.

The protest, not surprisingly, cause left-wingers to hit their Twitter accounts and start accusing the people protesting of being racists.

What do you think, are the people standing up for our right to be patriotic racists or are they doing what is right by showing their pride in America? Let us know with a comment!

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