Michelle Obama Cries, Makes Fool Of Herself At Swanky Event


May 5, 2014 3:09pm PST

Vogue Editor In Chief Anna Wintour has been bestowed the honor of an exclusive exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art dedicated in her name. She also had the privilege of the First Lady’s presence at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new facility. Michelle Obama made a special speech in which she advocated Wintour’s contributions to the fashion industry and her philanthropic donations as well. Then she cut the ribbon and her buddy Anna Wintour cried. Excuse me if I didn’t shed a tear watching the clip of this momentous occasion.


While we may be less than amused by Michelle’s latest appearance, Anna Wintour was certainly glad to have her along. She embraced the First Lady during a clearly emotional moment in her iconic career. The notoriously stoic fashion mogul was moved to tears at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

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The new Anna Wintour Costume Center is a $40 million dollar facility. Impressive, but I can think of about 40 million better ways to invest $40 million. Still, the crowded room donned their most expensive high-end apparel to mark the occasion. While this was undoubtedly a big moment for the fashion industry, it all strikes me as terribly indulgent. But then again, Mrs. Obama wouldn’t have it any other way.


Also in attendance to share Wintour’s moment were a long list of A-list celebrities and designers such as Marc Jacobs, Victoria Beckham, Zac Posen, Sarah Jessica Parker, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Donatella Versace, Carolina Herrera, Reed Krakoff, Prabal Gurung, and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

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Michelle Obama has been noticeably quiet on issues that are at all meaningful to Americans; important national crises the likes of Benghazi and a mounting $17 trillion debt. Yet she gleefully finds the time to put on a sparkly dress and grace this occasion with her presence. I might sound just a bit cynical, but it would be nice if she would show the same amount of enthusiasm for the things that matter, like lost American lives. Does this tick you off at all? Or is the First Lady better off galavanting about the country playing dress up? Sound off in the comments section!

H/T: Daily Mail


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