Dems Set To Boycott Benghazi Committee

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The Benghazi investigation has been long, and it hasn’t been very fruitful and in order to combat this reality, a new investigative committee has been formed with Trey Gowdy leading the way. As the Left tends to view anything in regards to Benghazi as a partisan weapon, some are threatening to boycott the new committee entirely.

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Claiming that he has already obtained a massive amount of, “evidence,” pertaining to a, “systematic, intentional decision,” to cover up the factual account of Benghazi by the current administration, Gowdy seems more than determined to get to the bottom of the things. Leader of the House Oversight Committee, Dem Rep. Elijah Cummings, recently voiced his concerns in a statement reading:

Over the past year, House Republicans have conducted their Benghazi investigation in a completely partisan matter by denying access to hearing witnesses, leaking cherry-picked excerpts to create a false narrative, issuing unilateral subpoenas without Committee votes, releasing multiple partisan staff reports, excluding Democratic Members from fact-finding delegations to Libya in violation of the Speaker’s own rules, and launching unsubstantiated accusations that turn out to be completely false. So I do not have much faith that a new select committee will be any different.

This new select committee appears to be nothing more than a reaction to internal Republican bickering rather than a responsible effort to obtain the facts, especially since the new committee will not have any powers that Chairman Issa doesn’t already have — including the ability to issue unilateral subpoenas for any document or witness, which he just used to subpoena the Secretary of State.

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Many argue however that because of Issa’s failure to successfully obtain any real answers regarding the matter, the new committee has been formed hoping for a different result. Despite Issa’s ego being a little damaged, there has been a clear history of the current administration aligning political allies to investigate its wrongdoing for partisan benefit.

The new committee however looks to be rather hopeful as the rest of America is actually looking forward to getting some answers. In an effort to impede that desire however stands Democrats who have recently announced that they may boycott the committee’s requests until they have a better understanding of how everything will play out.

Wanting to know the powers the committee will hold, and who will hold said power is important in their decision. This however wouldn’t be the first time the Left threatened to boycott a committee as after Hurricane Katrina, there was an investigation launched to discover why response took so long.

As Democrats insisted that the committee was constructed as a partisan effort to clear the president’s name of any wrong doing, they would not be participating in anything the committee asked. The hypocrisy is almost unbearable, as just about every investigation launched into the several of Obama’s “phony” scandals has been a blatant attempt to cover up the facts and legally clear his name.

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As Democrats continue to blindly march to the drum of their master, it’s a wonder why they don’t feel obligated to truly discover who was at fault for the deaths of four Americans. We, as a nation, have a duty to answer for our fallen soldiers and if we don’t in an effort to selfishly better ourselves, where does that leave us?

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