These Terrorists Found A Tank, Or The Tank Actually Found Them

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Oh you know, just another video of terrorists getting blown up by heavy artillery, and who doesn’t love that?

Usually terrorists enjoy recording themselves killing other people so they can later brag about it and use them for intimidation purposes so it’s always fun when they happen to capture themselves getting taken out.

These guys are in the mountains and think they’re hiding from a tank on the next hill over, however they must not have been hiding too well because it didn’t take long for the tank gunner to spot them and take them out.


There’s a quick flash from the muzzle, then before you know it the shell goes whizzing by and explodes, and just like that the world was ridden of more terrorist scum.

A special thanks to the Syrian Army for helping to eradicate these barbarians.

For those of you who can’t get enough of this kind of entertainment, be sure to click the link below and see what happens to those guys, it’s good for a laugh or two.

(Terrorists Record Military Tank Firing Directly At Them)



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