No American Flag Shirts For Students On Cinco de Mayo

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In one of the most ridiculous displays of political correctness that’s been documented, students in one California school district will not be allowed to show off their patriotism on Cinco de Mayo because of concerns that they may inflame racial tensions by offending Mexican students, ridiculous right?

As if the decision to ban the American flag shirts on May 5th wasn’t ridiculous enough, when the case was heard in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals the court ruled that the school was justified in restricting student’s rights to free speech.

The school district’s decision has prompted Tea Party groups to stage a protest outside of Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, and the protesters plan on wearing American flag shirts.

The president of the Gillroy-Morgan Hill Patriots, Georgine Scott-Codiga, said to the local news that “They silenced a symbol of patriotism and freedom in America.”

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The case goes back to 2010 when four students were sent home from school after showing up to school on Cinco de Mayo in their patriotic attire because administrators were worries that white and Latino students may start fighting over them.

Thanks to the Ninth Circuit, who’s known for insane rulings, American student this year won’t be able to show off their patriotism so that Mexican students don’t get offended.

According to the DailyCaller, the practice of limiting the free speech rights of one group because that speech may cause a different group to react in a violent manner is called a “heckler’s veto.”

So much for the First Amendment, no wonder why that state is often referred to as “Commiefornia.”

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