Protesters Steal Police Weapons, Force Surrender After Vicious Skirmish

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In a chaotic scene in Donetsk, Ukraine, thousands of pro-Russian protesters took to the streets and pushed back against authorities, effectively sending them on the run.

The protesters, armed with rocks, Molotov cocktails, and anything they can get their hands on, stormed the police building and set it ablaze. They continued their push as the building engulfed, even though some of the police that were armed in riot gear tried to push back and stop them.


The efforts by the police were worthless, however, and the protesters quickly surrounded them and stole their weapons. Their rage even provoked an armored military vehicle to respond to the incident but even it had to retreat due to the determination of the protesters.

This video just goes to show you what an angry and determined mob of people can do even against well armed and well trained forces.

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