Satanists Attempting To Erect ‘Dark Lord’ Monument At Statehouse

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Christian haters in Oklahoma are trying their best to get the legislature to allow them to install a statue of Satan at the state building after having one of the Ten Commandments put on display, the worst part is they’re looking to do the same across the nation.

According to Vice, the Satanic Temple announced in January that they were having built a monument to glorify the Dark Lord that they could erect on the lawn of the Oklahoma Statehouse.

They used an Indiegogo campaign to raise the funds to do so and their initial goal was $20,000. However by the time the campaign ended they had raised over $30,000 for the project. Now the monument, which is being crafted in New York and will be cast out of bronze, is being created by an artist that was trained in classical sculpture and will feature Baphomet sitting on a throne underneath an inverted pentagram with two children gazing up at him in loyalty.

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The Satanists said that in case of vandalism they’re having a permanent mould made of the monument so it can easily be replaced. They also vow that if Oklahoma won’t allow them to display it in their state that they’ll move on to other states that have any or all of the Ten Commandments displayed and fight to erect their monument.

One of the representatives was quoted as saying “there are no shortage of public locations across the US where religious monuments await a contrasting voice.”

So now not only is there a war on Christianity, these people are looking to throw their evil ideology in the faces of others. What’s even worse is that many on the left, who are atheists mind you, are applauding the plight of the Satanists and hoping they’re able to get their statues up.


Isn’t that ironic?

This kind of puts the war on Christianity in perspective a little more, wouldn’t you say? They’re not concerned with getting God out of our government, they’re concerned with completely stifling our beliefs and forcing the nation to embrace their immoral and perverted ideology, and this is proof of that.

Would you want one of these monuments in your state? Let us know in the comments section.

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