SNL Skit About Slavery Sparks MASSIVE Outrage

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Saturday Night Live is usually a show that has most on the left reeling in laughter while the cast ruthlessly criticizes conservatives and most everything else the left hates. However on occasion they’ll run a skit that inflames the very people who love the show so much, which happened last night.

The “Weekend Update” sketch featured a black woman talking about how she would have been the “Number one slave draft pick” for selective breeding to make stronger male slaves, and it was so raunchy that even Obama’s former African-American Vote Director from 2012 was outraged.

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Former national field director for the NAACP, Stefanie Brown, almost immediately took to Twitter to express her disgust with the distasteful sketch on the show.

She wasn’t the only one either, Twitter blew up with outraged viewers eviscerating the show’s directors and writers.

Normally I’m first person to call people out for phony outrage, which I actually thought this was all about, however after watching the clip I can’t say that I can blame anybody because I even got uncomfortable with some of the things that were said. Granted, it is only comedy however there’s probably certain things that are better left unsaid, this was one of them.

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