Calls For Impeachment Flare After Benghazi Emails Released

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Earlier in the week some emails were released through the Freedom of Information Act that were a bombshell in the Benghazi investigation and implicated the entire White House communications team in the cover-up that ensued after the September 11, 2012 attack.

The emails were between Obama’s top communications staffers like Ben Rhodes and Jay Carney, and specifically spoke about what to have Susan Rice say when she appeared on network television to explain what happened.

They said that she was to make it appear as if the attack was part of spontaneous protests that were happening in various nations rather than a “broader failure of policy,” as the emails stated. For weeks after the attack, the Obama Administration lied to the American people and pushed the narrative that the attack happened as a result of a video posted to YouTube that was anti-Muslim.

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The whole point of that was to hide the fact that it was in fact a terrorist attack that occurred at the consulate, which Obama and his advisors knew shortly after it happened. What’s worse is that special investigative committees have found that the terrorists were armed with weapons that were supplied by the U.S., albeit indirectly however it could have been prevented.

Obama wanted to create the impression that al Qaeda was on the run so that he looked better coming into the 2012 elections. Osama bin-Laden had been killed earlier in the year, and if al Qaeda was linked to these attacks it would have made him look horrible for saying up until that point that they were a dying organization.

After being called out on the false narrative, Obama tried to deflect blame to the CIA and say that they had told him that the video caused the attack. However this was refuted when the deputy director of the CIA, Michael Morrell, testified that the CIA had never told Rice to say what she did and under oath he said that she acted on her own.

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Then once the emails were released, Jay Carney went out and tried to say that the talking points in the emails that were released were different from the ones provided them from the CIA that were specifically about Benghazi. This is in spite of the fact that the FOI request was only for documents related to Benghazi, not anything to do with the “overall climate in the Muslim world,” as the paid liar Carney would have us believe.

Members of Congress are outraged at the cover up that happened in order to help Obama win an election. In response to that outrage, Speaker Boehner has announced that Trey Gowdy will head a Select Committee to investigate even further, which is a huge win for the families of the four Americans who lost their lives that day.

This is trouble for Obama and those involved as Gowdy is relentless. Further, if the Republicans are able to take the Senate in November they’ve already said they’ll move to impeach Obama.

Let’s just hope they live up to their word and finally put Obama and the rest of the Democrats who have lied about this in their place. There’s no excuse to treat the deaths of four Americans as a political inconvenience and not fess up to the fact that they dropped the ball on security to keep pushing a faulty narrative.

This may end up being a huge win for the families, and America.

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