Entitled Black Demands Free Drink Because Granny Was A Slave

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An already irrational video takes a turn for the worse as a woman who is throwing a hissy fit for having to pay 20 cents for water demands they give it to her for free because her grandmother was a slave.

During the course of the video, much of what the woman freaking out is saying, is unintelligible but one thing is clear – she doesn’t like competing with fellow minorities. The crazed lady goes on a definitive racist rant demanding that the people she’s talking to go back to their home country and leave her black community.

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Suggesting that the people who aren’t seen, but are recording the incident, are taking advantage of blacks by creating businesses that, “take their money,” the hypocrisy is quite rich. The woman demands free water as those supplying it don’t have a right to charge a native African-American money for such things.

Saying that her grandmother, who died at 104 years old just a few months back, was a slave, it appears as though the woman has no concept of time. Slavery was abolished about 150 years ago rendering the woman’s entitled behavior as irrelevant.

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