Democrat Candidate For Governor Handing Out KKK Hoods

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There’s not much that Democrats won’t do for attention or to try to smear their conservative opposition, and that’s exactly what has unfolded in Wisconsin with an assemblyman who’s trying to win the governor’s seat.

Brett Hulsey is a two-term assemblyman and will be passing out home-made KKK hoods, which he calls “Republican party hats,” at the state’s GOP convention this weekend.

Hulsey said that he spent about $1 on each hood and used his daughter’s sewing machine to fashion them together, and even posted a picture on his Twitter account for everyone to see.

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He’s challenging Mary Burke for the Democratic nomination in the gubernatorial race and sought out Confederate Civil War re-enactors to parade around with him at the GOP convention and draw attention to himself. He considers the Republican Party, along with incumbent governor Scott Walker, to be racist and wants to make sure everyone sees it.

He thinks what he’s doing is perfectly okay, however he said “What I find offensive is Gov. Walker and the Republicans’ racist record.”

“They’re the ones considering the resolution to leave the United States.”

The particular resolution he’s speaking of is one of 23 that will be up for debate at this year’s convention and would allow Wisconsin to secede from the U.S. “under extreme conditions.” It made its way through the regional caucus and was only accepted for consideration after a split vote, however most of the top Republicans in the state, including Walker, oppose it and will likely vote it down.

Walker said that he doesn’t believe it aligns with where most of the Republicans in Wisconsin are at, including himself, so it doesn’t stand a chance at passing.

However Hulsey doesn’t seem to care too much and remains determined to cast the racist light on Republicans.

His blog speaks about bidding Walker and the rest of the Republicans “farewell” and how he hopes they “enjoy the Confederacy.” He also spoke about having lived and worked in the South and that he would prefer that they leave Wisconsin before they take the state “backwards,” turning it into “Wississippi,” a made up word he uses to refer to his home state in his online ramblings.

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This is all coming from the same man who in 2012 was issued a ticket for flipping a 9-year-old boy off of an inner tube, sound like someone credible to you?

He’s accusing Walker and the rest of the GOP of “tolerating racist staff comments, making it harder for women and Native Americans to address discrimination, taking $1.5 billion from 2.6 million Wisconsin school children, students, and public servants, making it harder to vote, taking away healthcare from over 90,000 working people, ending studies on racial profiling, and others.” However as is often the case with far-left liberals his claims have no rational base, but rather are vitriolic statements intended to smear his opposition.

His actions have prompted a response from the chairman of his own party within the state, Mike Tate, who said that “We may disagree with the policies of this Republican Party, but this type of behavior is completely unacceptable and grossly inappropriate.”

It’s pretty bad when your ideas are so far out there that your own party, who’s known for wild accusations and rhetorical comments, has to release a statement distancing themselves from you. What’s worse is that nationwide Democrats have been trying to align the Tea Party and other conservatives with the domestic hate-group that they themselves started.

Oh Democrats, when are you going to ;learn that doing things like this just makes you look bad to the rest of the nation?

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