Thug Learns Hard Way After Slugging Ex-Special Forces Soldier

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Maen Mdanat is said to be the reason for a recent blooming of a local Arizona community after taking ownership of the Axis Food Mart in Tuscon. Showing that he’s not a pushover however, a thug learned the hard way after deciding to take a swing that the ex-special forces soldier.

Being hailed as a local hero and do-gooder, One Can A Week food donation program creator, Peter Norback, recently spoke to reporters about Mdanat saying, “He really cares about his community and giving back.” Proving just that, Norback added, “People come up, don’t always have the change (to pay for an item), he just lets them slide. No convenience store does that.”

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Norback has even taken to his blog praising the man and welcoming his presence saying that Mdanat has helped, “clean up our neighborhood,” and has had a major hand in improving the community to the point where, “peace and civility is the norm.”

But when a hopeful thief walked into Mdanat’s store at about 1:30 in the morning, he couldn’t have had any idea as to what was about to happen. Mdanat explains that he was in his office at the time and that he saw on his security monitor that trouble had walked in the door.


Mdanat told local reporters, “He was comfortable walking in, showing his muscle, like ‘I can do whatever I want,’. That’s basically the message he gave me when he walked in. But I changed his idea when he walked out.”

Watch the full encounter here:

At this point, the store owner exited his office and sprung into action. As the would-be thief was demanding money, Mdanat told the thug to leave immediately and even escorted him to the door. The punk just wasn’t having it though as he eventually sucker punched Mdanat in the face.


Thrown right back into his training as a special forces soldier, Mdanat lunged at the man and knocked him to the ground in a single blow. From there, the store owner was seen kicking the man to make sure that he wasn’t going to get up and continue the fight.

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Showing his restraint and mercy, Mdanat quickly stopped delivering blows and even went so far as to ask the instigator if he was OK. His response as to why he did that? “I’m still human. I have kids and a wife.”

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