Terrorists Show You How Not To Fire An RPG (GRAPHIC)

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We all love a video showing how merciful the almighty Allah is especially when it comes to those fighting in his name. Although this video isn’t necessarily new, it just goes to show how fatal of a mistake it is to not properly clean your RPG.

A video recorded by Syrian jihadists starts with a couple men ramming a broom handle, with state of the art t-shirt down tube in an effort to clean out the residue. Unfortunately, the men are only able to get the cloth down the barrel a portion of the way, and end up flipping it around before doing the same thing.

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Einstein once defined insanity by doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results – perhaps he was onto something there. Sure enough, trying to do the same thing, the men were able to only get the cloth down just a bit before finally giving up.

One of the men decided that just cleaning the first three inches would be more than adequate and decided to give it one last sweep with his finger before calling it close enough. The video cuts outside, where the RPG is now loaded and being prepared for firing.

As the man looks down the sites, he eventually fires showing just how much more seriously he should have taken the maintenance of his weapon. The RPG malfunctions (as it probably wasn’t able to exit the tube due to buildup) and blows up in the operators face and kills him.

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His pals all give praise to Allah along with one man sounding more a bit more mournful than the others.

Let us know what you think of this man surely now in heaven along with his 72 virgins by leaving a comment below.

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