NAACP Admits Sterling Paid Them Off To Keep Quiet

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A couple of days ago we reported that the NAACP had given Donald Sterling their prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award in spite of his history of racist and bigoted remarks, basically making them complicit in the latest scandal since they never have shown an outrage.

Well as it turns out there was a reason that they were turning their heads, apparently their outrage can be mitigated with dollar signs as Sterling found out himself. However that’s not a huge surprise given it’s run mainly by progressives who have no problem selling their souls to the highest bidder.

The one thing we can give them credit for, albeit very little, was that they at least fessed up to it this time and are willing to admit that they should have said something sooner. Don’t get too excited though, because in the midst of admitting their mistake they managed to blame just about everyone across the country for their lack of action on various issues.

(NAACP To Give ‘Racist’ Democrat Lifetime Achievement Award)

In an op-ed in USA Today, Roslyn M. Brock who’s the chairman of the Board of Directors of the NAACP, penned a lengthy column where she called half the governors in the nation racist, complained about voter ID laws, and continued the myth about Cliven Bundy being a flaming racist bastard.

After a lengthy introduction outlining Sterling’s history of racism, she had no problem speaking out of the other side of her mouth and letting us all know that as long as the right people judge others based on the color of their skin then it’s okay.

“While the Civil Rights Movement has made enormous strides over the last century, we know that the struggle did not end with the passage of landmark civil rights legislation 50 years ago. It continues as long as anyone judges another person based on the color of his or her skin.”

So can we start repealing Affirmative Action or any other social program that gives others merit based on the color of one’s skin or is it only when such judgment is a disadvantage? Didn’t think so.

(NAACP Attacks ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Phil Robertson, Calls Him “RACIST”)

The next portion of the article is nothing more than the progressive hogwash we’re all used to hearing. Tired talking points regurgitated to paint the entire nation as a bunch of racists because of the statements from two white guys, one of which wasn’t even racist.

After she finished bashing the entire nation, she finally fesses up to why her organization had yet to be outraged over Sterling’s remarks.

“Our NAACP chapter in L.A. is not blameless. Because of Sterling’s large donations to local charities, including the NAACP, they overlooked his worse than checkered history on race issues and gave him a lifetime achievement award in 2009 — and were about to honor him with a humanitarian award before his racist recording surfaced.”

Again, let’s give her some credit for actually admitting they were wrong, after all it’s rare that a liberal will do so, but we’ll wait and see just how well they do at not accepting money from known racists of all colors.

I won’t be holding my breath.

Are you glad to see them admit to it or is it too little too late?

(The NAACP Doesn’t Want Blacks If They’re Conservative)

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