9-Year-Old Black Kid Beats On Infants At Daycare

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Disturbing video from a Mississippi daycare center shows a 9-year-old black kid beating up on several other infants and toddlers.

The footage was taken at the Kiddie City Child Care Center in Vicksburg and shows the little thug attacking a baby then acting as if he’s caring for him once adults catch on and come over. He also continually waits for the workers to turn around then attacks the other children, most of whom are girls.

In yet a different attack the boy is seen drop kicking a little girl in the back and forcing her to the ground as a daycare worker is clueless and staring out the window just a few feet away. After that he picks her up then kicks her square in the chest, knocking her to the ground again.

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Since the boy is under 12 years old, he didn’t face any criminal charges for his actions. Instead the courts focused on rehabilitating his behavior.

The daycare worker who was present and allowed it to happen was arrested by Vicksburg Police. Sandra Trevillion was also fired from her job at the daycare.

The boy’s actions led one of the parents to flip out after his 1-year-old daughter came home from the daycare with bite marks and bruises for nearly a week straight. He went there and confronted the boy he thought was responsible and ended up hitting him, which later led to his arrest.

“They were just crying. They can’t talk, so I can’t get it from them. They couldn’t tell me (what had happened). They was just crying,” Jaimie Williams said.

He said that when he went there not a single worker could explain what happened and he became frustrated then took matters into his own hands.

“I wasn’t going up there to do that,” Williams said. “I shouldn’t be hitting no child regardless, but you know, since I did do it, I wish it would’ve been the right one at least.”

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