Obama Gives Illegals ‘Rescue Beacons’ Along Border

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According to the Associated Press, U.S. Border Patrol officials will be placing their latest technology along remote regions of the border in the form of rescue towers.

The towers will be placed in the Southwest region of the U.S. along routes that are commonly used by illegals to enter the country so that if they find themselves in a dangerous situation they can press a button and authorities will come to their aid.

According to the report, only Border Patrol agents that are specifically trained in search and rescue that have medical training will be responding to the calls for help.

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Rather than closing off the border and making it harder to cross, they held a media event Wednesday morning to highlight just how dangerous it can be for illegals to cross the border to justify wasting money on rescue towers.

The fear of dying when trying to enter the nation illegally is an excellent deterrent to stop the flow of illegals. However with each step that is taken to make their passage safer, they’re further encouraged to break our laws and be given government handouts upon their safe arrival.

This really shouldn’t surprise anyone given that this administration has done more to facilitate illegal immigration than they have to combat it, all while pushing for an amnesty plan to grant them citizenship. It would appear as if they’re more concerned with flooding the nation with future Democrat borders than they are changing their ideas to get more support.


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