SHOCKING: Audio Of Teen Executions Released

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On Thanksgiving of 2012 Byron Smith shot and killed two teen intruders in his home in Little Falls, Minn. On Wednesday he was convicted on all four counts murder for killing Haile Kifer and Nicholas Brady.

It took only three hours for the jury to convict Smith, who was a former State Department employee, and in the video above the audio that was captured during the incident is played. [if you’re impatient fast forward to 4:00 and start listening]

Smith claimed that his home had been targeted in a series of break-ins and that he felt his life was in danger. However the prosecution argued that he went too far in killing the teens after shooting them both a combined nine times, which can be heard in the audio.

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The chilling audio was captured by Smith himself, and in it you can hear the window of his home shatter and almost instantly shots are fired. After a brief pause another shot is heard then Smith says “You’re dead.”

In the second portion of the clip shots are heard and the teen girl is heard screaming and crying. Apparently Smith’s primary weapon jammed and he had to use a second weapon, which is heard shooting both teens several more times.

To finish killing her, Smith shot the teen girl directly under the chin at point blank range. In the audio clip you can hear him dragging her body over next to her teen friend’s and leaving her there.

The final portion of the audio clip has Smith convincing himself what he did was justified and is rather chilling to hear.

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Smith’s attorneys will be appealing the verdict based on evidence they believe that the jury should have considered.

“It’s not a fair or just verdict, but it’s the verdict the jury heard with the evidence they saw,” said defense attorney Steve Meshbesher. “They didn’t see all the evidence, and he is adamant about an appeal and he has every right to that appeal because there’s a lot of things the jury did not see.”

Smith was convicted of both first and second degree murder and was sentenced to two concurrent life sentences for the crimes.

Do you think he should have been convicted or was he justified in defending his home?

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