Liberal Professor: Gender Is An Outdated Idea

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An Australian feminist professor has recently released a book blaming gender for the troubles of transgender people everywhere. Claiming that the outdated idea has placed the human mind set in a metaphorical prison, she conveys that if we just do away with standard gender ideals the world would be a better place.

Its up in the air right now whether or not the professor, Sheila Jeffreys, actually did her homework before completing her newest book titled Gender Hurts. According to the American Psychiatric Association, those commonly referred to as transgender suffer from what is officially known as, “gender dysphoria.”

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According to the medical definition, gender dysphoria is, “a marked incongruence between one’s experienced/expressed gender and assigned gender.” As far as the disorder goes however, those affected with it seem to suffer an extremely high rate of self-mutilation.


Studies on the matter demonstrate that about 41% of transgender people will at some point, attempt suicide. Along with this, many who disagree with the Liberal push that this is unfair treatment against people who can’t help it say that gender reassignment is just another form of self mutilation as well.

Jeffreys has since come forward with her book to express that transgenderism is indeed, “invariably born of severe psychological distress,” but that isn’t where the problem lies. According to Jeffreys, it’s all of us stubborn people, who still believe that a penis and vagina anatomically define us as something specific, that are in the wrong.

Prepared to be blown away.

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Jeffreys next conveys that, “One of the central problems with transgenderism is that it’s based on the outdated notion of gender.” The answer is rather simple actually; to make it easier on the confused population, we have to change the ways the population thinks as a whole.

“Without gender, transgenderism could not exist. As such, when transgender rights are inscribed into law and adopted by institutions, they promote ideas harmful to women’s equality,” Jeffreys notes. “Radical feminism considers gender as a sorting system for male domination, something that provides ‘the bars of the cage’ that imprison women in their daily lives.”

She further relays, “Postmodern and queer theorists share with transgender theorists the idea that ‘gender’ is a moveable feast that can be moved into and out of, swapped and so forth.” Proving her feminist status further, she goes on to say, “Gender, used in this sense, disappears the fixedness of sex, the biological basis that underlies the relegation of females to their sex caste. Female infants are identified by biology at birth and placed into a female sex caste which apportions them lifelong inferior status.”


You know, for not wanting to be defined by her vagina, she certainly seems to go over the top regarding women. I mean, why even call them that – after all, aren’t we all just people? Who needs labels? While we’re at it, why don’t we do away with race – because that’s worked so well in the past.

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The argument here is unfathomable and less than thought out. Instead however, she continues by saying, “Women’s experience does not resemble that of men who adopt the ‘gender identity’ of being female or being women in any respect. The idea of ‘gender identity’ disappears biology and all the experiences that those with female biology have of being reared in a caste system based on sex.”

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen; no longer are we defined by anatomy. What do you guys think about this? Let us know in a comment below.

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