40 Sheriffs Leave After Being Asked To Disarm

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Gun control is a current, and long fought battle, but currently found in the crossfire was about 40 Oklahoma sheriffs. After being asked by a lone, and brazen, Senator to disarm, the army of law enforcement personnel marked just up and left.

The Oklahoma sheriffs and politicians reportedly get together about once a year for an annual meet-and-greet in which they collaborate in an effort to tackle major unaddressed issues at the Oklahoma State Capitol.

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Their latest attempt didn’t go as planned however a single, unidentified senator took it upon himself to demand the sheriffs remove their sidearms. As they were non-compliant, the officers were then given an ultimatum; disarm or get out.

So they did just that.

Just like that, 40 sheriffs immediately vacated the State Capitol building. Wagoner County Sheriff Bob Colbert explained, “We all packed up and left.”

“One of the senators, who they wouldn’t tell us, complained because we were armed in the building,” Colbert continued. “Everybody in that building knew who we were.”

Since that time, Colbert reports that several other Senators have called to offer their apologies, but he still remains irked and conveys it was a, “pretty sad day for me.”

“We’re the people that protect these people,” he added.

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Expressing a sentiment shared by several other residents of the state, Colbert stated that you would think politicians would have more pressing matters to address. He relayed, “If the state troopers are satisfied that we’re OK to be in that building, I’m pretty sure that the legislators should have something else to worry about such as the economy or something.”

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