Black Students Mercilessly Beat White Teen On Bus

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Earlier in the week a white student was mercilessly attacked by a group of black students while riding the bus near Dover, Delaware.

The viral video shows yet another case of racially charged aggression against a white person who did absolutely nothing to provoke the attack. Taken on a cell phone, the shaky video shows the group of students come up from behind at attack the teen, knocking him over then punching and kicking him repeatedly which left him dazed. While the attack is occurring, the student who’s filming it can be heard in the background laughing at the senseless violence.

The unidentified victim was on the way home from Parkway Academy School when the assault happened. After his uncle found out about the attack and that there was a video of it he captured it and posted it to Facebook, where it spread like wild fire.

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The description of the video tells how the students who were responsible for the attack posted the video and linked everyone’s account who was involved. After administrators at the school found out they immediately removed it, but it was too late.

According to the teen’s uncle, Jonathan Guessford, “He was able to get off the bus at the next stop, 14 miles from his home. He went to the Magnolia Fire Hall and called the police.”

He explained how the bus driver did absolutely nothing to intervene in the attack and wouldn’t even stop the bus for it.

“She didn’t stop the bus while the beating occurred. She didn’t call the police and file a report. She didn’t inform the administration that the beating occurred. Apparently, the bus driver called the school and stated that Alec left the bus early for no reason, according to the administrator that called my brother yesterday.”

He ended the post with an emotional plea to everyone who saw what happened to his nephew.

“Please act to ensure that the school takes appropriate action to punish these thugs and to ensure that they terminate the driver. No child should have to be attacked like this in school or on a bus ride to and from school while adults excuse and allow it to happen.”

Dover police have said that an investigation is underway and are asking for assistance in identifying the teens in the video.

Cpl. Mark Hoffman, a department spokesman, said “When we saw the video and determined how bad it was, we determined that we were going to take action as well.” He added “We will utilize any resources needed to hold the suspects responsible.”

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Thugs On Bus

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