Catholic University CALLS POLICE On Traditional Marriage Group

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According to a report from TFP Student Action, volunteers for the group Tradition Family Property Student Action were ordered to “cease and desist” promoting traditional marriage on the campus of the Catholic university Notre Dame.

The group had obtained permission from an officially recognized student group to set up a table and pass out literature, according to TFP Student Action’s director John Ritchie.

“But that permission was revoked for some odd reason.  Police officers arrived soon after we started giving out pro-family literature and cut the event short, informing us that we were no longer welcome to talk to students about the importance of preserving the sanctity of marriage between 1 man and 1 woman, which fully agrees with 2,000 years of Catholic teaching,” he said.

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According to Ritchie, the group was handing out fliers that promoted the values of traditional marriage and were receiving a warm welcome from both the students and the faculty. It wasn’t until a couple of same-sex marriage supporting students started shouting obscenities and ripping up their fliers that there was a problem.

Ritchie said that the reasons they were kicked out are still unknown since they had permission to have their table set up.

“I was hoping to find a more supportive environment for the Catholic position on marriage. But instead, Notre Dame police officers told us that we only had proper permission to have a table – but that nobody was allowed to actually man the table, which was the whole point of having a table in the first place. How can a table man itself?  So we were forced to leave.”

Ritchie was justifiably upset that the school deprived them of their right to promote traditional Catholic values, after all they were at a notoriously Catholic school. He felt as if the university’s quest for inclusion and diversity led it to censor the truth about Catholic beliefs.

“We need to pray for all the Catholic students at Notre Dame who are fighting the good fight for moral values and the defense of natural marriage.  Because the future of our nation depends on the very institution of the family, united by mother and father, and open to the children that God gives them,” he said.

As we allow the left to openly demonize anybody following their religious beliefs we open ourselves up to having our First Amendment rights trampled on in the name of “tolerance.” This incident should wake everybody up to the fact that free thought and free speech are under heavy assault, unless of course you fall in line with what progressives believe. It’s sad that a Catholic institution such as Notre Dame can’t even allow people to promote their Catholic beliefs out of fear of repercussion from the left.

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