Hypocritical Sharpton: “Homos,” “N*ggers” And “Faggots”

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Al Sharpton seems to always pop up when the topic of racism rears its ugly head and boy is he living it up in the times of Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling. Although he is well known for his race baiting (and thus racist) activities, what’s less well known is that Sharpton is as big of a bigot as those he condemns.

The Left is more than known for their often overlooked ideology when it comes to their beloved, “tolerance,” but that street doesn’t seem to go both ways. Instead, the Right is constantly bombarded with accusations of racism despite their own neglect to acknowledge when it happens in their own house.

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Recently put together was a montage showing that Rev. Al Sharpton is perhaps the worst of offenders when it comes to his hypocritical condemnations. The video starts out showing Sharpton ripping into the LA Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling for saying that he wished his girlfriend not to publically socialize with black men.

Just a few moments into the video however, it’s clear that Mr. Sharpton is guilty of much more foul language than the man he is current chastising. Heard spewing the likes of, “n*gger, faggot, chinamen, and homos,” it’s clear that Sharpton is the last man that should be conferring on the matter.

We all know that Sharpton loves a good ol’ racist hating party, and it surely doesn’t hurt the wallet either, but when is someone going to call this man out on his own hypocritical, two-faced, entitled snob mentality? Let us know your thoughts on this by leaving a comment below.

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