‘Hate Speech’ Legislation To Be Used To Round Up Conservatives

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Senator Ed Markey’s Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014 would pave the way for a slippery slope by proposing to update an antiquated report on the role of the internet as well as television and radio in encouraging people to commit hate crimes. After updating the report it would then go to various committees in Congress for them to take action on it.

A writer for SHTFplan.com had an interesting theory as to how the government could go about using what it deems to be “hate speech” on the internet in the report that was submitted to Congress.

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He said that there’s already pre-crime systems that monitor the internet and look for discussions and keywords that can be used to identify potential criminals prior to a crime occurring. When those systems are combined with the new “Web Bot” hate speech tools that actively seek out words associated with hate speech could the government then start detaining people under the PATRIOT Act or NDAA who threw up red flags since both bills allow indefinite detention without probable cause simply for being a loosely defined “national security threat?”

While it’s not likely that the government will start rounding up massive amounts of people under these laws, it’s not hard to think that Democrats and progressives could abuse these very systems to go after political opponents. Especially when you consider they already do so, just remember the IRS targeting conservatives.

Now with Harry Reid declaring Cliven Bundy a “domestic terrorist,” who knows to what ends they will go. It’s no secret that the right-wing has been identified by the left as enemies and they’ll do anything they can to stop us, so why not abuse a separate branch of government?

As it is the political elite hate the internet because they can’t control the flow of information and it works against them. Odds are it won’t be long before they figure out ways to not only control the internet, but use what is said on it against us then use previous laws to get us out of the way.

The Hate Crime Reporting Act has little to do with preventing crimes and everything to do with censoring speech. This is more about eliminating political opposition than it is anything else because nobody in Washington actually cares about hate speech or hate crimes, they only care about obtaining power and keeping it.

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